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We do care

We do care

100% in-house production, product manufacturing in Europe.

Our products are thoroughly risk-free. We take care to assure that the raw materials we use to manufacture the yarn meet the strict European standards. These standards regulate the use of chemicals that may pose a risk to the health of individuals or be a threat to the environment.

Process. We make sure that the quality of the different manufacturing processes, which are fully carried out at our facilities, is compatible with what the market demands of our finished product—maximum durability and wear resistance. 

Protection. We have a strong commitment to the well-being of our users. That is why we apply specific treatments that lend our fabrics properties such as anti-mite and antibacterial protection, resistance to fire, to weather and light, and they are easy to clean, without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal. 

Installation and maintenance. We take care to provide all the necessary information to installers and cleaning teams for optimal installation and maintenance.

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